Easter 2013

I was pretty stoked to go to work and find 4-5 inches of fresh snow and to hear that I had to

easter egg train

easter egg train

go out and ride it. Plus, this was untracked powder because all the little boys and girls were at home getting all hopped up on Cadbury eggs and running around their yards in the rain.

It was that quiet type of snow, too. Fresh and fluffy, and I had it all to myself. I took at least 6 runs in fresh powder the Slide Bowl before heading back over to the Rose side. There I took at least 100 pictures of kids manically rushing for chocolate-filled plastic eggs in the snow, fitting as

tremper digging out an egg

tremper digging out an egg

many as they could in their little ski helmets. It was like Halloween on the snow, in March. A parent even asked if I had an “extra bag”. Who provides bags- or Easter baskets- to a free egg hunt?

Rejuvenated after my morning of freshies and kid-picture-taking, I headed home to make dinner and do our own egg hunt for the dogs. They were terrible at finding the eggs- the only one that made a decent effort was Tremper, our avalanche dog. Whew. I would hope that he could find eggs as well as he could find people.

After a nice Sunday dinner, I headed over to the CBC to see Donovan Frankenreiter. I

donovan at the CBC

donovan at the CBC

hadn’t seen him play since Squaw Valley in 2008. I got there right as Rayland Baxter was singin’ and he had a soothing voice matched with nice guitar licks. I don’t know him, but he smiled and waved to me when I left. He seems like my kind of people.

I’m sad to say that I didn’t stay for the whole show, but I did see Donovan Frankenreiter play his first 8 or so songs. I swayed back and forth a bit and loved how his whole band grooved to what they were playing. The only thing that would’ve made it better is to see them play on the beach by a bonfire or something. He’s just as good as when I saw him 5 years ago, though.

Snowboarding, Easter egg hunt, good friends and good music…this may have been one of the better Easters I’ve ever had. I may have to check out Bottle Rock in Napa May 9-11th (http://bottlerocknapavalley.com/) and catch Donovan’s full set 🙂

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