2013 Rattlesnake Rampage

It’s extremely rare that I get the chance to enter a snowboard contest, mainly because IHeckler_RattlesnakeRampage_Poster

work weekends. So when I heard that Heckler was putting on a switch boarderX race and switch method air comp on a Wednesday afternoon, I definitely wanted to enter. There were just a couple of problems…

1) I can’t ride switch

2) I haven’t hit a jump all season

3) What’s a method again? Is that like a fashion air in wakeboarding?

Luckily, I figured most of it out by the end of the day…

soxsie and I pre switch boarderX

soxsie and I pre switch boarderX

I arrived at Boreal at 9am and had a stare down with the Heckler crew for about 10 minutes before working up the courage to actually enter the comp. But after I clearly set goals for myself, it was no problem. My #1 goal was to come in dead last in the Switch boarderX, (which I pretty much accomplished) and to never revert back to regular, which I also nailed. I didn’t ever have an intention to enter the switch method air contest, so if you count that as a goal then I accomplished that too.

pantsless Soxsie

pantsless Soxsie

The boarderX was such a blast…I must’ve rode that course at least 7 times before my actual race. After I came in dead last (I was in front of one guy for 1/2 a second because he fell, but then he passed me up), I raced Soxsie twice more.

I was beat after that, but managed to take a few runs in the superpipe as girls in pleather pants and snowboard boots raked the jump (with their rakes upside down). When the switch method air went underway, everyone sat on the side of the jump and threw snowballs at ’em.

And even though everyone was doing the exact same trick, each method air was so unique and styley. It was rad to see everyone rooting each other on, and to see such variations on

me in dead last

me in dead last

switch method airs, which is actually a pretty hard trick. (As someone on the chairlift said, “I bet Shaun White can’t do one). The final jump was the best- a white bare-assed tweaked out switch method air (with a heart-shaped tattoo on the right cheek…not that I was looking or anything).

In the end, Eric Messier got first and took home $1,000, which he totally deserved; he was KILLING the switch method comp. And I’d like to thank Heckler for putting together a fun comp on a Wednesday afternoon, where I made new friends, pushed my riding, and got a lot of laughs in. I know that JP took a bunch of great photos, so I would check out http://www.heckler.com for results and additional info.

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