Coachella April 18, 2013: Thursday

Coachella 2013 was one of the most amazing experiences of life and I can’t wait until next year. Since there’s so much I wanna say about it, I decided to break this up into 4 posts.


a palm springs sunrise

a palm springs sunrise

It’s true that getting to Coachella is half the experience. I had to work on Thursday, so I prepared to do the 9-hr drive by myself right after work, putting me in Indio at around 2am. (The back story: I wasn’t entirely set on going, but the US Postal Service lost my ticket, so I had to go and pick it up at Will Call).

I was really dreading this drive; it’s such a long time to be by yourself in a car. So I posted something on Craigslist and

Zimride looking for a ride. On Tuesday, a couple guys who live in the same town as me hit me back saying I could ride with them. Woohoo! We left right after work and headed south, the car stocked with Red Bulls, Pabst, and some leftover Girl Scout cookies. We stopped at the Truckee skate park and loosened up our legs a bit and then carried on.

deliriously driving into indio

deliriously driving into indio

I don’t know what happened, but it took us 12 hours to get there and none of us slept. We stopped at gas stations and Chinese fire-drilled around, each driving a bit. We ended up at the blazing hot Palm Springs Walmart at 5am, waiting for them to sell us beer at 6am. We each got 1 hour of sleep and homeless people meandered around our car like zombies, trash littered the parking lot. We were completely delirious and freaked out, but managed to survive

the morning. Our iPhones rocked Coachella tunes from the bands we were going to see that day.

Friday morning we rolled into Coachella as kids were going to school; luckily we were one of the first ones there at Will Call. I waited in line for the ticket windows to open as everyone passed out by their cars for a quick nap. We weren’t the only ones who were delirious…

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